The “Sophisticated Hussy”

Pretty interesting title right? What is a “Sophisticated Hussy”?  Being a woman in now the year 2017 has been difficult……I know what you’re thinking its only day 3 right? Damn right, being a woman has always been a challenge from the beginning of time so what would make 2017 any different than 2016, 2006 or 1999.  A woman in today’s society  whether single, in a relationship or even married go through those phases in their lives trying to find the proper balance.

  1. For example the “Single Woman” has to find that proper balance of maintaining the proper amount of sex appeal YET presenting the stability, friendship and comfort as a potential girlfriend .  ( I’ll elaborate on this more later)
  2.  Now The “Girlfriend’s” main balance struggle is once again maintaining that sex appeal while also being viewed as having the qualities of a suitable wife and mother.
  1. The “Wife” ….well what does the wife have to find balance in you may be asking? Well it sure the hell doesn’t stop at the girlfriend level, if anything the wife/ mother has wayyyyy more on her plate that the single, free fabulous woman. The Wife, the wife, the wife…… Now I know i’ve never carried that title but one could imagine the balance the WIFE has to find in her marriage between maintaining her self identity, being that excellent wife AND the loving nurturing mother as well as the secondary (sometimes primary) provider. This is the phase where I see a lot of women lose themselves, and this isn’t to condemn them for it because giving love is a selfless act. Putting others before yourself is the daily job of the woman of any shared household. How many women have lost their sexy only to wake up having worn their husband’s  t-shirt for the past 4 days, baby vomit on the collar, last nights spaghetti sauce on the bottom right edge along with the wonderful smell of the residual sweat left after that quick bird bath this morning  right before getting the kids ready. All the while maintaining your home, trying to still bust it open for your hard working husband, making sure your kids don’t die everyday……only to find out your husband has been entertaining one of them “Single fabulous  Women” who has all the time in the world to work on “SELF”  (insert newest episode of SNAPPED here)

The Sophisticated Hussy is a woman that finds the balance of being the Wholesome Slut, the Classy Harlot, the Susie Homemaking Jezebel, the Elegant Courtesan…. do you see where I’m going with this? BASICALLY YOU GOT TO BE THAT GOOD WHOLESOME, TAKE HOME TO MOMMA, COOK SUNDAY DINNER, OCD CLEANING WOMAN/GIRLFRIEND/WIFE ALL THE WHILE GIVING ALL THE FREAKY DEAKY TYPE OF LOVING ON DEMAND ANDDDDDDD THAT NASTY ASS PORNO STYLE, SALIVA DRIPPING , SACRIFICING AIR, TEARY EYED TYPE OF HEAD TO  THE MAN OF THEIR LIVES.  The sex appeal is on you and solely up to you to cherish and maintain for dear life. It is ours, it can’t be given to us, we must feel it within and let it exude outward. Our sex appeal is our confidence and our feel good moment while twirling in the mirror in a that new fitted dress.

This blog will focus on Mental/Physical/Spiritual/Sexual/Emotional Health of Women in whatever phase of life you may be in…..Cheers to finding and maintaining our balance….yes us WOMEN have our work cut out for us!

(Men I also welcome you to this blog to gain insight on those women of your lives, we are all learning here, chime in here as well)

12 thoughts on “The “Sophisticated Hussy”

  1. Thought provoking insight. I can understand the single woman and the girlfriend’s perspectives but the ‘wife’ in this case sounds like that stay at home mom with a selfish husband. In a healthy marriage, there’s no way this is normal lol. You have to account for shared responsibilites, love given and love received.


  2. I am intrigued. We need this type of empowerment & honesty among us beautiful creatures, otherwise known as women.

    Is this blog going to be updated daily, weekly, or whenever-you-get-the-inspiration-or-time kind of thing?

    Much love sis,


  3. Congrats boo I’m watching and reading. Proud of you, don’t forget when u famous, I want a special signature in my first copy!!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗


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